Separate hostel facilities for boys and girls that strives hard to serve hygienic environment. Hot water facilities for bathing and RO mineral water for drinking, medical and telephone facilities are also available.


Hot and tasty snacks are served everyday besides hygienic & tasty food. Canteens are supervised by a committee of staffs who checks the hygiene, cleanliness as well as the quality of food.


SPK believes the library is a treasure house of knowledge that has shelves full of wisdom with extensive collection of American books, texts and references to satiate the knowledge thrust of the students.

Childrens Park

To fresh up the stressed mind. Children need relaxation and fun. We have a good children’s park with modern play materials.


We have spacious and comfortable transport facilities for the benefit of the students. There are more than 40 buses in the school transport department to provide easy access even to all remote areas with safety.

Spoken English

In today's global world the importance of English cannot be denied and ignored since English is the most common language spoken everywhere

Hence, a separate department for spoken English has been well executed for the last couple of years.

Online Exams

Coming soon...