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Excellence For All, Excellence From All – this motto of our SRRI SPK Public Senior Secondary School effectively sums up the mission on which Dr.Er.Sengodan embarked almost one decade ago. Our SRRI SPK Public Senior Secondary School is already an established name in the field of quality education.

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    “This venture which was started in the year 2006 has today transformed into a well-known chain of schools with branches.

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    Currently the group known as SPK Gems schools spearheaded by the crystal clear vision of Dr.Er.Sengodan has been achieving one milestone after another.Digital classrooms and latest pedagogical methods are used to explain the concepts to students and make their learning easier.

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    In order to enhance the human enrichment the branches of SPK Gems Schools are run by three esteemed societies.


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We nurture every child’s potential through study processes with scientifically designed study materials for the child and the class, on-going, self-analysis and diagnostic assessments and feedback, training and empowerment of teachers, guidelines, planners etc.

Our students learn to listen, read, speak and write effectively, and they also learn to follow instructions, to develop critical thinking, to work in groups, to take on leadership roles and to acquire valuable Life-skills in the process.

We develop confidence in speaking, enhance personality development and make morals real, through arts and crafts, music and dance, show and tell, co-operative games. etc.


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SPK is one of the premier institutions in the state of Tamil Nadu. It hails students from all over the world irrespective of their backgrounds, and educational the systems. Talent is nurtured and acuminated here. Formative years are given attention, and a strong foundation is built by vigilant teaching fraternity. It's a wonderful community where teachers and learners co-exist with the aim of rendering finest citizens to the country. Learners are harnessed with strong English communicative skills, mathematical exactitude, scientific temper, musical, & artistic expressions, aesthetics, open mindedness, competitiveness and holistic development for world class grooming.

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Various activities and life skills development programs are provided at SPK.

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