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Namakkal - Dt, Tamil Nadu


"In every child there is a hidden man, a hidden child, a buried living being, who must be liberated." Here is the first urgent task of educating liberation in this sense means knowledge or a discovery of the unknown. To discover the child and effect his liberation the adult must adjust themselves to the child’s needs. Maria Montessori's revolutionary method of education was implemented long ago. Today, institutions practicing her method still exist in all parts of the world. SPK KIDS School also follows the method for kids at School. As per "SPK KIDS SCHOOL" kids are always kids.
When your child attends Kindergarten at SPK KIDS School he/she will learn basics. This means the basic in maths, science, reading, writing, Social studies and more. To evaluate the child’s progress we maintain a developmental domain that is cognitive, sensory, motor, physical, language, emotional, personal and aesthetic development. SPK KIDS School will expose your child to all the things he/she should know so that by the time he/she does reach first grade he/she will be prepared. Kids meet new friends at SPK KIDS School to play and share nicely with one another and learn how to communicate. When they play together kids will store that information and it will shape how they treat others for the rest of their lives.

Kids will have to start attending on 'SPK KIDS School' helps them to built full confidence to get accustomed to school because they will have to start attending school on a day basis for many years.