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Play, Learn and
Grow Together..

SPK KIDS School will be an exemplary choice for parents and children as we strive to make every moment a joyful, effective and a meaningful one.

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Fun Games

Fun and playful way of learning and gaining knowledge


Healthy Meal

Healthy meal/snack carefully inspected before serving


Professional Teachers

Professional teachers trained to handle and educate the kids


Activity Based Learning

Every activity is about learning through concepts & it helps the kid to gain knowledge.

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How your child learns?

An innovative, vibrant, creative, energetic and effective concept learning methodology.

Nursery | Pre-KG

Nursery /PRE-KG – Intermediate 2.5 years- 3.5 years are more secure and ready for a higher level challenge. We guide them to explore learning centers and participate in every competition and event. Your child will learn to recognize letters, numerals, phonetic sounds, concrete objects by counting and being to understand the concept through activities.
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SPK KIDS Junior- Children between the age 35.years to 4.5 years. We emphasis on foundational literacy, Math skills and nature spot study. Children learn phonetic sounds relationships, sight words, recognition, and mathematical functions. Our curriculum builds the kid to give them a concrete foundation with more structured classroom.
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Children aged between 4.5 years to 5.5years. Our kindergarten gives children a very strong foundation they need for future success in elementary school and beyond. Our proven well – rounded curriculum builds sound Listening, speaking, reading, writing, and Math - problem solving skills. During kindergarten our little champs become comfortable and they explore the learning sprucely.
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Why choose
SPK Kids school

Dr. Maria Montessori defined education as aid to life. She believed that to offer the child this help, he must live in a specially prepared environment that answers all his needs – physical and spiritual. It is widely accepted today that children are driven to learn from the moment they are born. The child is at the center of the educational process, and the teacher follows the child and helps him/her to excel.

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Methods Of Learning

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Montessori Method

SPK KIDS Montessori based curriculum and teaching practices to develop language, numeracy, cognitive, sensory, creativity skills. The Montessori learning environment combines freedom of choice within. Our goal of education, to help children discover their inner learning potential, begins with Montessori in a mixed-age classroom of two and a half to five and a half years.

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Play Way Method

Children are happiest when they are engrossed in play. Children improve their motor skills, enhance their imagination and creativity by playing. It is a great motivating force for a child. Play-way method is mostly “Activity based” or “Hands on Experience” learning. Play-way activities are based on the needs of the children.

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