Extra Curriculum


Srri SPK attempts to infuse a spirit of deep appreciation of  aesthetic nature and exposure to fine arts so as to appeal to the higher values in each individual. The school encourages children to pursue their areas of interest in music, dramatics, dance, karate, yoga, silambam, etc.  A large number of co-curricular and extracurricular activities such as Debates, Quiz, Communication skills are held to make the child to express his thoughts more confidently.


Our school has well trained team of coachers in Kho-Kho, Volley ball, Throw ball, Basket Ball and Cricket to train the students for State and National level competitions.

Indoor games like Chess and Carrom are given special coaching to improve their patience and concentration.

Inter-School Competitions

Inter School Competitions are conducted by KSSC (Kongu Sahodaya School Complex) among 56 member Schools. The selected students are sent to participate in CBSE Regional and National Level.
Our Students have brought laurels to our school by winning prizes in Inter-School, Zonal, District & State Level Competitions and selected for Regional/National level.

Classical Dance/Music

Dance helps to enhance the emotional abilities of the students and develop acting skills. The Dance Club functions in the School by conducting a wide range of dances, from the ancient classical to modern styles, Bharathanatiyam, Kathak, etc., contemporary dance represents the culture and ethos of a particular region or a group of people.
The music club provides adequate opportunity to recognize and nurture the art among students and to enhance their musical talents. Besides receiving training in Vocal, they are taught to play instruments like the keyboard, Piano, Guitar, Violin, Drums and Band instruments.


Yoga - “A sound mind in a sound body” is the secret to a successful life. Yoga gives you peace of mind and clarity, which really helps after a long day or before a big test. With this idea in view, Yoga classes are organized for the students by experts.


A striking martial art using punching, kicking, knee and elbow strikes are conducted regularly for instilling self –confidence and courage to face adversity and unpredicted physical attacks.


At SPK Schools, the students are taught, footwork patterns of Silambam and they must master them before learning spinning techniques and patterns and methods to change the spins without stopping the motion of the stick-perhaps a unique art form, already at the cusp of extinction, taught by few schools in Tamilnadu.


“Bend the twig when it is young”. Flexibility felicitates the students to be fit like a fiddle. Our students are given training in Gymnastics which needs physical-fitness and flexibility with good concentration which works in co-ordination of mind and body.


“ Self -Defence is the best defence”
Fencing ensures an enormous ability to the fencers. It is an act of self defence. Our school aims to make the participants the world champions through rigorous training..

Festivals & Celebrations

The School celebrates all National & State festivals with great enthusiasm, in order to bring Patriotism and Secularism among the students. Independence Day, Teacher’s Day, Children’s Day, Sports Day, Republic Day, Annual Day, Scout Day, Club Day, Cultural Day, Farewell Day etc., are celebrated in the School.

Horse Riding

The students are taught horse riding every week on Sundays. It is open to all. Even the students from other schools are given opportunity to participate in horse riding.


Every thursday archery is taught to the willing students to develop their concentrating skills.

Rifle Shooting

The School has tied up with various clubs. The willing students are given partice evey week on Sunday.